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Who we are

EVENTIA is a destination & event management company based in Sicily, Italy & Malta.

As strategic event designers we like to:

With the same care and attention we plan unforgettable events for a few participants or hundreds of persons.
Our passion and enthusiasm come along with a deep knowledge of our destinations and pwith rofessional skills acquired during 17 years of creative destination management.

Our job begins since the very first phase of planning the event, selecting with you the destination and the location, focusing on the impression that you want to give to the participants and the budget at your disposal. Our events are always designed to meet the creative, motivational and budgetary needs of our partners. The follow-up is also part of our commitment as it is building a strong human relationship with you – which we proudly say often turns from merely professional to a nice friendship.

Our reputation is your assurance to success.

So, why working with us?